A Westport Island Christmas Card
Westport Island Vote 2018
Vote on Tuesday
An Island Home: Six Historic Houses of Westport Island, Maine
Celebrating Richard DeVries on his 80th Birthday
Rallying to Support Westport Island’s Ethan Langley
Perfect Weather Perfect Neighborhood Barbeque
The Community Association Does it Right
The Community Association’s First Pancake Breakfast was…Awesome!

A 2017 Westport Island Halloween by Candlelight
Highlighting Westport Island Crafts and Goods
A Beautiful Day for a Run, or Walk
Westport Island Solar Eclipse
Another Successful Summer Barbeque
A Westport Island House Featured in a Digital Exhibit
Westport Island’s February Blizzard
Westport’s WWII Veteran Vera Cleaves’ Last Hurrah
Westport Islanders Splash Into the New Year

Memories of an Island Christmas
A Christmas Card from the Westport Island Town Office
Westport Island Vote 2016
Halloween Spirit on Westport Island
Westport’s Wright Landing and Horticulture Committees Recognized
Westport Island DockDog Makes a Splash
Islanders Finish 1st and 2nd
A Summer Week on Westport Island
What a Difference a Day (or five) Makes
Exclusive Westport Island Property Delisted:The osprey have taken an option…
Happy Birthday Althea: Celebrating 79 years; 61 years on Westport…
Westport’s “Welcome Osprey” Will Not be Homeless
Caucuses this Weekend for Westport
A Tragic Day on the Island

A Westport Island Farewell and Thank You
Westport Island Contender Dock Dog Casco
A Westport Island Mural Mystery
Westport Community Association’s 60th Anniversary Celebration
Westport Community Association Celebrates 60 Years
Westport Volunteer Fire Department Invites You
Westport Island’s 2nd Annual 11-mile Yard Sale
Westport Island Remembers John Nelson
A Day to Remember on Westport Island
Westport Island’s Mother’s Day Breakfast
Spring Springs on Westport Island
Happy 50th Mr. & Mrs. Bodmer
A Westport Island Birthday Remembrance
The Super Bowl Trophy Heads Back to New England
Blizzard 2015 on Westport Island

2014: The Year on Westport Island
A Westport Island Christmas Photo Album
Not a Good Night for a Swim on Westport Island
A Westport Island Pioneer Thanksgiving
Westport Island 2014 Spirit of America Award Recipient
Westport Island Votes 2014
Westport Island says thank you to Mary Ellen Barnes for putting its history in order
Celebrity Puppet, “Roadkill,” to Visit Westport Island
A Westport Island Farewell
Westport Island Run Day
Westport Fire Department Summer BBQ
Two Westport Island Firefighters Earn State Certification
Westport Islanders Kick Up Their Heels
11-Mile Yard Sale on Westport Island
A Westport Island Memorial Day Tribute
Westport Island’s Squam Creek Reopens
Westport Island Celebrates Vera Cleaves: Happy 100th Birthday to a great lady!
Westport Island: A Place that Inspires — natural tranquility helps to inspire an education entrepreneur
A Venerable Westport Island Building: Looking back on a one-time Island store
Westport Volunteer Fire Department Snuffs Chimney Fire
Stepping Out of Westport Winter Hibernation
A Westport Island Phoenix — Paul Bonyun: Rising Up and Giving Back
A Monochromatic Westport Day


Looking Back on Westport Island 2013
A Westport Island Sky
1217 Main Road, Westport Island
Westport Island Town Hall Goes Ghoulish for the Community Association’s annual Halloween bash
Westport Island: An Inspiration In All Seasons Dan Osterman’s Island Impressions
Leaving Westport Island and Bath for an untimely entrance to the Washington DC Navy Yard
Westport Island Upgrades Courtesy of community
Westport Island Sneakers on the Ground: The 9th Annual Shore Run
Westport Takes to Rte 1 on a Summer Saturday: The Fire Department yard sale and the Marketplace Cafe
Westport Island Weekend Staycation Summertime, summertime sum sum summertime
Westport Island Spells Summer with a “Q” (video)
A Westport Island Native Son at Gettysburg
Interested in Sharing Westport Island?
Jeff Pert Brings Lobster Humor to Westport Island
Westport Community Association 2013 Schedule
A Budding Westport Island Artist Touts Farms
Calling All Westport Island Volunteers…to the business of governing…
Happy Easter! Yes Virginia, spring will come to Westport Island
A Micro Westport Bird Count
Team Westport Took it to the Top (video)
Warming Up a Westport Island Winter
A Westport Week in Winter


Looking Back on Westport Island 2012 (video)
A Westport Island Christmas Greeting (video)
Westport Island: A Christmas Frame of Mind
Westport Island Pays Tribute to Ruth Nelson
Happy Thanksgiving!
Westport Island Vote 2012
Westport Island: Looking Back at Hurricane Sandy
Westport Island Monster Mash: Ghosts and Goblins Gather for a “Spook Hop”
Upcoming Westport Island History Project: Sponsored by the Maine Memory Network
Ben Crehore: Westport Island Renaissance Man…some thoughts on a life well lived…
Raising Mazy
Westport Islanders Turn Out for Jimmy C.
Westport Island Wedding: Views from a big day on a small cove
Microburst on Westport Island?
Field of Greens on Westport Island — From the microbusiness “MicroMainea”
Sketches of Westport Island: William Oberst’s Island Diary
Westport Island Summer Barbeque
Happy 4th of July!
Gardening on Westport Island: An Interspecies Game
Sea Pottery: McCarty Cove “Treasure”
RSU 12: Stay the Course or Withdraw?
After the Rain: An Update
It’s a Rainy Day in the Neighborhood
Westport Island, Maine Remembers
Westport Island and Rising Tides
Westport Island Cleanup Day
This Day in Westport Island History
Not Exactly a Westport Story: Chief Michael Maloney Remembered
Patriot’s Day Storm: Five Year Anniversary
New Fire Truck: A Good Day for Westport Island, Maine
Solving the Birthday Gift Dilemma…and Shopping Locally
Guns to Hoses
The Westport Island Quilt: A Piecework Story
A Westport Top o’ the Morning
Tug Pudding or Buffalo Head?
Snow Day!
The Great Backyard Bird Count
Ode to the Road
A Westport Valentine
From the Bridge

  1. I vacationed on Westport Island with my family in the 1950’s. There was a hurricane while we were there (Hurricane Carol). We stayed at a house on Red Gate Lane. Bette Davis was supposed to have a place at the end of our road on the point. I remember it so well. Does any of this information ring a bell with anyone?

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