Westport Island Cleanup Day

And, some musings on roadside debris…

Saturday, May 5: Derby Day, Cinco de Mayo, eve of the Super Moon — and the Westport Island Cleanup. The Conservation Commission has sponsored this annual event for the last five plus years. Twenty-five volunteers collected enough roadside debris to fill two pickup beds, with time left to catch the Derby, celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and relax in the light of the Super Moon.

Picking roadside trash brings back memories. I spent paid hours picking trash in detective assignments in Vice and Elder Financial Crimes. There’s a lot to be learned from trash. Cleanup day nuggets, included:

Most “hmmm” item of trash: a fully endorsed, un-cashed check written by a non-Island person to a non-Island company — such an item might typically come from a mailbox or other theft.

Best reminder to “secure personal information by shredding” item: an ATM receipt with a Credit Union’s name, the full name of the deposit holder, a partial account number, and financial information.

Most “reasonable hypothesis drawn from trash” in my assigned area: persons who drink beverages on the go, and are most likely to be careless with their trash, drink either Dunkin Donuts coffee or some kind of Budweiser Beer.

Best reminder to follow your mother’s admonition “not to leave stuff lying around”: a fleece-lined hoodie that an early morning dog walker advised had been sitting on the side of the road since crews cut branches for CMP some months ago.

Best “reuse” items of trash: parts of colorful buoys that make great garden accents.

Until next year…

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