Leaving Westport Island and Bath

For an untimely entrance to the Washington DC Navy Yard

flags at half staff in Washington, DC September 17, 2013

J. Scott Applewhite photo, September 17, 2013/AP

When the first sounds of shots capped through the hallways of Building 197 on September 16 in the Washington DC Navy Yard, a Westport Islander was there. Beckoned by better career opportunities and new adventure, Shanna (Taylor) Greene recently left Westport Island and SUPSHIP Bath for DC. Her first “adventure” was one that would alarm friends and family in Maine: another senseless killing spree by a disaffected, disturbed person.

After walking into the Navy Yard last Monday, Shanna said “so long” to friend Chris as he entered Building 197 for a day of work. She turned to her smart phone to record a “Have a good day” voice message to Chris when two people ran out of the building screaming, “There’s a shooter on the fourth floor.” She did a double take and life became surreal as she realized what was said. She ran back to look through the glass doors for her friend.

Shanna could see Chris checking in with a Security Officer at the Security Desk – both oblivious to what was unfolding above them. She fumbled with her door pass, couldn’t get the door open and started banging on the glass. By then, more people were running, shots were echoing, and she was in the door and had Chris’s attention. Both escaped to her building where she would spend the day “secured in place.” He believed she saved his life.

Shanna later realized the voice message she taped that morning captured the distressed yells of the first two people running out of Building 197 at 8:25 that morning.

From Westport Island to Navy Yard DC: a contrast in everyday American lives. On Westport, Shanna was the “Queen of Adventure” of another sort. Most of us saw her running the Main Road and out and about the Island. She represented Westport Island at the Camden Toboggan Nationals, the Boston Marathon, the Mount Desert Marathon, the grueling Mt. Washington Pentathlon and other outdoor tests of spunk and endurance. Now, she’s testing her spirit and resourcefulness in Big City Wildlife DC. We wish her well and keep her in our prayers… I’ll miss her.

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