Westport Island Vote 2012

stuffed loon that has presided over the town hall since the turn of the 20th centuryUnder the watchful eyes of the loon…

Townspeople filed into the Old Town Hall on November 6 to cast their votes — hoping to hand their chosen candidates a “win;” and judging from the comments, hoping to put an end to this year’s political advertising.

The loon has been presiding over town elections since 1889. According to the Westport Island history compiled by John and Louise Swanton, the loon was shot at Squam Creek by Everett McCarthy of the Post Office Road; and “young” Cornelius Tarbox of West Shore Road mounted the bird and presented it to the Town. It’s been sitting atop the beam framing the town hall’s stage as unofficial mascot ever since.

Including absentee voters, Westport Islanders cast a total of 489 votes in this election — representing a voter turnout of over 75 percent. Election officials were primarily volunteers. We owe the integrity of the ballot box, the incoming voter’s list, the ballot count, and the accommodating Westport voting experience to our neighbors. Thank you all…

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How Islanders voted the contested races:

President Gary E. Johnson (L) 7
Barack Obama (D) 254
Mitt Romney (R) 221
Jill Stein (G) 4
U.S. Senate Danny Francis Dalton (N) 3
Cynthia Ann Dill (D) 20
Andrew Ian Dodge (I) 5
Angus King (I) 276
Charles E. Summers (R) 163
Stephen M. Woods (I) 9
U.S. House District #1 Jonathan T. E. Courtney (R) 196
Chellie Pingree (D) 275
Maine Senate District #20 Leslie T. Fossel (R) 255
Christopher K. Johnson (D) 208
Maine House District #61 Stephanie Hawke (R) 202
W. Bruce MacDonald (D) 262
Question 1: Same-sex marriage Yes 251
No 222
Question 2: Higher education bond Yes 220
No 241
Question 3: Conservation bond Yes 296
No 170
Question 4: Transportation bond Yes 339
No 124
Question 5: Water systems bond Yes 299
No 164
RSU #12 revised cost sharing formula Yes 379
No 79

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