Guns to Hoses

Joining the Westport Volunteer Fire Department Community

March ended with the annual ham and bean supper at the Westport Volunteer Fire Department. Along with its bottle and can bin for donated returnables and the summer chicken barbeque, this supper is one way the fire department raises money for matching grant funds and day-to-day operating expenses.

It was our first year to join neighbors at this annual event, because my husband, Roger, now volunteers on the fire department.

When Roger retired his motor boots and ticket book seven years ago, no one who knew him would take odds he would one day wear turnout gear and drive a fire tanker. In the streets of San Diego, police are “po-po;” firemen are “hose beaters,” and there’s not a lot of “cross dressing” so to speak.

On Westport Island — where the town agent knows every Island-registered car by sight, people stop to say “hi” when you’re in the yard, the budget is tight, and the living “feels good,” most people want to give back in some way. Volunteering on the fire department or supporting them with donations or appreciation at these semi-annual events is one way to do so.

The ham and bean supper was a good time. Next chance: the summer barbecue on July 14…

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