Westport Island Monster Mash

Ghosts and Goblins Gather for a “Spook Hop”

Yesterday started with the first gunshots of the 2012 deer hunt…continued with dried leaves dropping all day like giant raindrops…and ended with the Community Association’s annual Halloween Party. The Old Town Hall was alive with music, costumes, and Halloween treats.

From the bridge to the Old Town Hall, Halloween spirit was afoot…

The Community Association succeeded in creating harmony not often seen this election season – Little Red Riding Hood was hand-in-hand with the big, bad wolf; Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was chatting it up with the devil; and superheroes were mixing it up with witches.

Volunteers from the Community Association, the Fire Department, the Selectmen, and the Human Resources Committee tackled the tough task of judging a Costume Contest. The winning “get ups” were: a tiny “Tigger” tiger, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, the good witch (aka Mrs. Dracula without fangs), and a ghostly hippie.

Partiers danced to a mix of Frankensongs, from “Monster Mash” to “Ghostbusters”, and “kick-up-the-spooks” dance songs that kept everyone hopping and laughing — thanks to DJ Larry Weddelton …And, if all that wasn’t enough, a few bags of food items and some cash were raised to treat the Island’s Food Pantry… Community Association President, Edmily Adler says, “it was wonderful to see Wesptort Islanders of so many ages in costume and having such fun”…and “thank you to all for the donations of food to the Island Cottage pantry.”

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