Westport Island Weekend Staycation

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime…

Cross the bridge onto Westport Island, and…

Some visitors panic at seeing crowds of trees that obscure postcard views. No malls; no fast food… Other visitors, well…are just curious. The happiest – and most fun – Island visitors bring imagination, interest and a splash of initiative.

This Island Stay-cation started with a trip to the Tarbox Farm for fresh veggies, fresh-cut flowers and a look around to find just who may be foraging…

Could it be that nothing says island adventure like water adventure? Whether foggy, rainy or sunny, a close-to-the-shore row or paddle brings close-ups of fish nibbling, birds fishing, and craggy remnants of Early American marine and mill industries. Hikes through the trees open to yet other sorts of shore-side adventure.

A relatively new addition to Island sights: 3 Eagle Farm, home to miniature horses and ponies,…is, well,…cool.

A visit to Westport Island, like many of life’s most memorable adventures, doesn’t come with a ticket stub or a price tag. It’s a pause in an over-commercialized life that refreshes…

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  1. Dennis Cromwell

    Very nice! Glad people can see and apprec. what we call home! Welcome and hello!

  2. Very inviting but you might want to keep this place a secret. To many people will spoil it!!!!!

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