A Westport Island “Pioneer” Thanksgiving

A day with sun and giving thanks, but no electric power

Not long after discovering there would be no morning coffee, it became clear Westport Island would have no Thanksgiving Day power… No electricity, no generator, no well pump: no water, no oven….no turkey?

Out to shovel, check the neighbor’s house, play with my dog crazed by fresh snow, and think…

Gas stovetop and barbeque grill, plenty of snow for refrigeration and back-up water… Then: great neighbors with a generator headed to mom’s for dinner offer their oven for the turkey. What could be better? Dinner preparations begin: turkey roasting at the neighbors (and later finished on the grill), cornflake macaroons baked on the grill, vegetables roasted on the grill, mashed potatoes and gravy cooked on the stovetop, and cranberry sauce out of the can… Feast enough.

In the meantime, an Emergency Management evaluation outing to check damage on the Island. Central Maine Power (CMP) reports that of 606 Island homes, there are 606 outages. Earl Grant and Garry and Mark Cromwell spent the night plowing, shaking snow from trees, and wielding chainsaws to clear trees from roads and power lines. There were lines damaged on East and West Shore Roads, Post Office Road, Bay Shore Road, Lord Road and North End Road – and probably others.

CMP had a truck on the Island to survey the lines before 3 pm, and had trucks working by 4 pm. If all goes well, we’ll be back on line tomorrow. Thank you Earl, Garry, Mark and friends, as well as CMP for working all this Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. The plowing was very hard on the crew as the trucks, The ground was way to soft and created one hard job for the Boys! All snow storms vary in types pf moisture temp and ground conditions. Its not drop the plows and ride around. its planned and react to the conditions of each storm. 🙂

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