A Westport Week in Winter

A “Jekyll and Hyde” week of winter: sun, rain, thaw and snow… A week ago: snow cover. On Monday: green grass with an early taste of mud season. Today…falling snow and back to winter pastimes.

In this week, our eight or so miles of paved Main Road have seen two traffic mishaps.

And, this morning at 8:07, Lincoln County Emergency Management reported that a magnitude 1.4 earthquake occurred at coordinates 43.98N, -69.63E (Edgecomb). This event was barely perceptible after Monday afternoon’s 2.5 magnitude earthquake 6.9 kilometers north of Boothbay Harbor (New England Seismic Network). Monday’s event was described as a big “boom” from many around the county who called into the Lincoln County Communications center. It was audible as well as jarring; and had some folks checking cellars for explosions or collapses — or wondering about nearby dynamite excavation work.

Today’s falling snow takes us back to more seasonable days and brings a fresh palette for the next days of 2013…

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  1. susanhigginsfolley

    This is awesome. I loved the slide shows. Very nice. susie

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