Westport Island Votes 2014

May peace now come to the air waves and the home telephone…

Westport Island cast a record number of absentee votes this year, and an impressive number of townspeople filed into the Town Hall yesterday to vote…all hoping to make a difference — and to make all the signs and telephone calls go away.

The Town Hall mascot, the “Island loon,” has now been presiding over Westport elections for 125 years — since 1889 — and has seen a lot of voters come and go. Yesterday, it saw the six voting booths full many times during the course of the day with about a 70 percent voter turnout.

Including absentee voters, Westport Islanders cast a total of 432 votes in this election. Throughout the day, poll workers confronted questions and problems with an eye to maintaining the right of people to vote and the integrity of the process. The final count for the day — with three ballots — took counters into the wee hours. Thank you voters, poll workers, and ballot counters for your dedication to the process and making this another “good vote”!

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How Islanders voted the contested races:

United States Senator Shenna Bellows (D) 141
Susan M. Collins (R) 289
Christopher A. Lyons (I) 0
Deril V. Stubenrod (R) 0
Governor Eliot R. Cutler (I) 32
Paul R. LePage (R) 214
Michael H. Michaud (D) 184
J. Martin Vachon (U) 0
U.S. House District #1 Isaac J. Misiuk (R) 147
Richard P. Murphy (I) 34
Chellie Pingree (D) 235
Barry Stephens (R) 0
Maine Senate District #13 Leslie T. Fossel (R) 209
Christopher K. Johnson (D) 202
Maine Legislative District #89 William H. Coombs (I) 206
Stephanie Hawke (R) 179
Register of Probate (write-ins) Stephen Brian Gottlieb (D) 15
Kenneth S. Maguire (R) 4
Catherine H. Moore (R) 58
District Attorney Geoffrey A. Rushlau (R) 207
David A. Sinclair (D) 186
Question 1: Bear baiting referendum Yes 227
No 192
Question 2: Maine agriculture bond Yes 247
No 160
Question 3: Small business loans Yes 242
No 162
Question 4: Cancer Center Yes 238
No 166
Question 5: Biotechnology jobs & training Yes 199
No 202
Question 6: Clean water bond Yes 250
No 158
Question 7: Marine economy bond Yes 248
No 157
Municipal Budget Committee referendum Yes 195
No 174

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