Blizzard 2015 on Westport Island

Better snow and wind than no power…

crow on branches in blizzardIt wasn’t a good day to be a bird or an “essential” employee, but all in all, life could have been much worse.

In my mind, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood — fluffy white snow that didn’t weigh down trees and wires; wind that blew snow in foggy waves — but didn’t blow trees onto power lines.

The schools were closed, the state was closed, the county was closed, Bath Iron Works was closed, the post office was closed, pretty much everything, including the Westport Island Town Office, was closed. The closures brought fond memories of what it was like to be a kid with a snow day. All that, and a bag of chips — we had heat and lights.

tractor coming up a hill blowing snowPer Lincoln County Emergency Management: as of noon today, the storm pivoted unpredictably east, so many were spared the worst — although given that we are east, we will probably end up with about 24-30 inches of fresh snow.

Further into the Atlantic, winds and waves have been higher. Matinicus Isle reported gusts up to 67 mph as of noon. Monhegan had sustained gusts of 40-45 mph, its weather meter flew the coop during nighttime gusts, and it was down to one operable plow — but they were still seeing a glass half full.

Westport Island did not have downed trees, power has maintained, and it’s likely to be pretty in the morning…

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