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Spring Springs on Westport Island

Say goodbye to snow…and hello to awakenings…

The osprey are back, turkeys are strutting — and the woodlands and wetlands are stirring. The scents of spring beckon. More than one Westport cat has pursued curiosity too far from home and found itself at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter in the last three weeks — five to be exact — at least two (a spayed female and a neutered mail) remain there awaiting calls from their families.

Birds are building nests and starting families — none more notable in my neighborhood than “Peepers.” Peepers, so named by the Abbott family, is a ruffed grouse — or partridge — that has claimed McCarty Cove Road as home territory. Neighbors of McCarty Cove have likely had their cars chased, examined or accosted by Peepers. Jason Abbott feeds Peepers apples and can walk up to her and pick her up for a visit. It’s the mating season, and she may be protecting territory, defending a nest or looking for love. Whatever… she is the talk of the neighborhood.

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