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On Miz Mason’s 100th Birthday

A poem by Susie Stedman in celebration of Jerry Day Mason

Jerry Day Mason turned 100 on Saturday, May 4. About 150 friends and family were there to celebrate the magic of Jerry and the magic of Jerry’s corner of Westport Island. Thank you Susie for sharing this tribute to your friend and ours…

Let us raise a glass to our Lady Jerry
Who’s taught each of us much about making merry.
We cherish her life and abiding love
For those gathered here…and those above.
She’s elegant, savvy, smart, still cooks!
And she’s never lost her glam good looks,

She raised many children…sailed a tight ship
With Chris, Sarah, Felicity, Jody, Tory and Trip.
Then countless others hopped on board,
As adopted kids…more than one can record,
Pets also adored her, too many to log
And now there’s Sylvester who thinks he’s a dog.

She’s a rare soul, this dame named Jerry,
She defies every known actuary…
She loves backgammon and good blue cheese,
Always puts visitors’ hearts at ease…
When she takes tea, it’s laced with rum
After that, nothing’s hum drum!

Her 100 years call for candles ablaze
(all thirty-six thousand five hundred days!)
Her recent adventures might have challenged the best…
With bones and vertebrae put to the test
But our Jerry rallied after every skid,
Proving to all she’s the Comeback Kid.

We love you. dear Jerry, for so many reasons,
Not least because you’ve lived many seasons.
Your esprit, your joy bloom like flowers…
Your unquenchable courage gives us ours.
Thank you, dear friend, for all that you do
To enlighten our world and show us what’s true.

With Love Forever
On May 4, 2019

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Selected photos courtesy of Susie Stedman

A Monochromatic Westport Day

First snow..(after the thaw, that is)

Falling snow makes the Island quiet: a peaceful place to walk the dog and muse.


You’ve come to frost the rubble-shaven hill…
to fill the frozen valley’s cup until,
with joy, a flood of runnings over will
noise of spring…then flowers will erase
even the memory of your pale, white face.

–Jerry Day Mason, Speaking to Strangers (1986)


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Westport Island: An Inspiration In All Seasons

Dan Osterman’s Island Impressions

Painting of clouds on the horizon by Dan Osterman

Clouds on the Horizon

Though much of his artistic “ocean inspiration” has derived from Cape Cod and Monhegan Island, for six weeks in time, Dan Osterman was inspired by Westport Island. Osterman was an artist in residency at the Robert M. MacNamara Foundation on East Shore Road in the winter of 2006.

Although it was cold, Osterman drew and painted while exploring the Island. “Twilight on the Sheepscot” and the “House on the Curve” were done “plein air” along East Shore Road. “Under the Dock” began as a drawing from his East Shore rambles and became a painting later. The marsh paintings were two of several he did of the marsh behind the MacNamara barn. …And, “Maine Inlet at Low Tide”, the vertical pen and ink scene, evolved in his studio where he was primed with cranked up music and contemplating his raw sketches on a large plank of wood.

One of Osterman’s most contemplative spots was the inlet on Jerry Day Mason’s property with its rhythm of tides and winter ice lines. That spot inspired his “Inlet” painting. He believes he spoke with Jerry at the time and that she was the sweet lady he gave a small version of his “Inlet” painting to as an expression of his appreciation.

Osterman’s boldest Westport piece, the yellow painting of “Clouds on the Horizon”, represented an overall impression of his Westport experience. The painting is also representative of why he is drawn to the coast to paint: “I go to the sea where the land disappears, and the clouds stack up, and the elements fight for supremacy.”

Dan Osterman lives and works in Boston these days where he has a studio in the Fort Point Arts Community, but he has continuing ties to Maine. His wife’s parents are from Maine, and several artists who have influenced his style were regular pilgrims to Monhegan’s summer art colony. For both the artistic tradition of the area as well as its coastal horizons, he looks forward to a trip back to Westport and Wiscasset. His work, including Westport pieces, can be purchased at his shop on Etsy; and he can be contacted at

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Happy Easter!

Yes Virginia, spring will come to Westport Island


How is it plausible that we can look forth
so complacently on cyclical rebirth of
tree and flower;
regard the tides, the moon-pulled sea,
a concept like infinity, and not bow low
before a greater power?

Jerry Day Mason as published in Speaking to Strangers

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Westport Island: A Christmas Frame of Mind

December and the Christmas season are underway. Think local – it’s a low-stress option – creative gift ideas are a neighbor away — save a couple of fill ups, and forget the parking mambo.

Westport Community Church at night with Christmas wreathesTo celebrate and say hi to neighbors, the Community Association’s annual Christmas Sing is 7 p.m. Sunday, December 9, at the Westport Community Church. A meet and greet will follow at the Old Town Hall. Bring a donation for the Island’s Food Pantry – organizers are hoping to fill the Pantry for holiday needs.

Now to shopping local…Maybe decorate your house or gift a Christmas keepsake from Jill Cooney’s Island Crafts. Know someone who likes poetry? Hit the internet for a second-hand copy of Jerry Day Mason’s Speaking to Strangers – my coolest book find of the year. Know a writer. Think about a journal from Joelle Webber’s Mermaid Bindery.

Woodcrafts? Bruce & Suzi Whittemore (Studio 78) craft wood coasters, bottle stoppers, and kitchen ware. The bottle stoppers are available at Treats in Wiscasset. And…no one turns wood finer than our own Ken Shepherd, president of Maine Woodturners, where some of his work is showcased.

For foodies who like locally grown fresh greens, how about a couple of windowsill micro-pots of microgreens from Judy Hughes’ MicroMainea? Better yet, put the microgreens in a whimsical pot thrown by Nancy Shaul, Westport Pottery. And, for our friends from away, lobster and fresh seafood are always a hit from the North End Lobster Co-op or Cromwell’s Crustaceans — call Mike, 380-5885, for on-Island delivery. Need help with holiday desserts? Call Daphne’s Cakes and Pies, 882-6652.

If the people in your life are stressed, how about a heated neck wrap to tenderize tense muscles from Ann Cole-Fairfield’s Instant Comfort. Or, take stress relief to the next level with a gift certificate for a massage to Sarah Rhinelander’s Kingfisher Healing Arts.

Other options: A scarf or shawl from PS Designs; some notecards from Ann Springhorn; or gift certificates — for dinner at the Squire Tarbox…piano lessons with Carol Blake…or maybe pet sitting from your friend or loved one’s favorite pet sitter…

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Raising Mazy

Small Dog

The trouble with a pup is that
he errs much larger than a cat.
As if it weren’t enough to err
he lives in populated fur.
He’s just a stomach on four legs
which, when it’s filled, sits up and begs
for more — then leaves it on the floor,
which is a habit I deplore!
He is most difficult to catch
until he’s sitting down to scratch.
He takes your whole bed, lying flat
to make it where the action’s at.
A puppy’s trouble, if you please —
he takes your heart —

by Jerry Day Mason, Westport Island
as published in “Speaking to Strangers” (1986)

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Westport Island Wedding

Views from a big day on a small cove

On August 4 as the day wound down, Samantha Hodgdon and Caleb Bonyun married — uniting families with long histories on the Island. The tides, the sun, and the guests put on their best to bless this beginning.

Westport Island’s own “poet laureate”, Jerry Day Mason, spoke. She shared this poetic prayer that she originally wrote, published, and has now adapted for Samantha and Caleb — who started seriously dating in the month of March some years ago…

Wedding Prayer (for Sam and Caleb)

In March, the apple tree bent toward spring

as you toward one another.

All things are at a being and beginning.

Now, may your love be both a dewed cobweb catching sun

and the sure flight of wings.

May it be a coming of all wondrous things

to bring you solace for your tears and a belief in dreams.

May you always need each other.

May you always touch.

— J. Day Mason
adapted from the original Wedding Prayer published in “Speaking to Strangers”

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