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Fire takes the home of our Westport Island neighbors

And tragically takes three of their pets

When firefighters arrived at 46 Greenleaf Road just before 11 am, they saw clouds of smoke. Black smoke was rising from under the eaves, pushing out the chimney and from roof and plumbing vents. Christopher and Bonnie Wormwood and their children were not home at the time. When notified about the fire, they arrived to find their home a total loss and to learn that the family dog, Joycey, and two of their cats had died in the fire. Another cat was spotted darting through the woods by a firefighter and was retrieved by Chris — the one bright note in a dismal morning.

Wiscasset, Woolwich, Alna, and Edgecomb firefighters joined the Westport Volunteer Fire Department in battling the blaze in temperatures in the low teens. Unfortunately, by the time the fire was reported and responders arrived, flames had destroyed much of the single-story structure. When firefighters water blasted the front door to make entry, the floor had already collapsed.

Many on the island will know the house as the former home of Jeffrey and Debbie Bailey and daughters Erin and Jessica. They, along with the Wormwoods will mourn the loss of a house they called home. After an initial assessment, it is believed that fire ignition may have been electrical in nature.

Thank you to all those agencies who responded to contain the fire and stand by for the good part of a day until the scene was safe. Two of our volunteers responded after working night shifts, the Chief took a vacation day from work to respond and several employers donated their workers. The loss of the pets weighed on those who had to remove them.

Tonight take stock of your blessings and say a prayer for the Wormwood family.

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