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Westport Island’s 2nd Annual 11-Mile Yard Sale

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 13

DSCN2787 (800x598)Over 30 friends and neighbors will be participating tomorrow in the 2nd Annual 11-mile Yard Sale on Westport Island. Weather forecasters are predicting that overnight rain storms will be clearing in the morning to make way for a beautiful day.

…So, dare to leave Route 1 and take a drive onto the Island. Seek out a yard-sale find or two, explore Island trails at Clough Point or the Bonyun Preserve, stop for a bite at the Westport Volunteer Fire Department — where Nita Greenleaf will be serving up a quick lunch and snacks — and take a moment to soak up some spring on Westport Island.

From North End Road to Jewett Cove Road, Islanders have been cleaning out attics, garages and barns. Follow the red dots to find a yard sale treasure. Printable Yard Sale Mapyardsalemap

Westport Island Remembers John Nelson

A friend to Westport Island and to those he engaged…

The Westport Community Church was full this afternoon with friends and family remembering John Jesse Nelson (1928-2014). He was remembered with love and with appreciation for his good.

John: husband to Ruth, father to their seven children, grandfather, WWII veteran, science teacher, friend, animal lover, neighbor, civic volunteer, John Deere operator and neighborhood road crafter…and active participant in the journey of life and learning. (Apparently, also a devotee of hats, tropical shirts and red carnations.) A man who felt proud to have earned the acceptance and respect of Westport Island families who have grandparents on the island. Although his history with the island “only” went back to 1968, he felt roots in the “rock”….

On the Island, John was a member of the Wright Landing Committee, believing in public access to the waterfront as well as a working waterfront; and he had served on the Conservation Commission and the History Committee. He kept up — reading the town report carefully enough to report typos to the Town Clerk — and he always participated actively in town affairs.

One of John’s sons pondered the idea of describing his father in one word, and he could not decide between complicated and contradiction. John was a man who was gruff and had difficulty expressing emotion, yet turned gushing and affectionate when Snafu, Leonardo or one of the long line of Nelson cats jumped onto his lap. He was extremely impatient in general, but infinitely patient as a teacher…

John’s most significant achievements in life were, of course, the love of a good woman, Ruthie, and seven children who — following his tutelage and caring – excelled, achieved and loved him. They are a credit and a legacy.

He gave his children, his grandchildren, and his students a road map for life:

Be as good a person as you can be
Respect your elders
Respect nature
Have a good work ethic
Be organized, be prepared
Pursue lifelong learning
Walk in another man’s shoes

As another son said, “A person lives until his name is no longer spoken.” It is likely that John Jesse Nelson is a name that will be remembered and spoken for some time to come…

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