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A Day to Remember on Westport Island

Thank you to all who serve

bluestarflag Westport Island, though small, has a large history of serving its country — dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Maybe noticed, maybe not, one Islander “who served” greets us when we vote and when we gather to celebrate, discuss and come together as neighbors. A flag and a photograph remember him: Donald Knight. Honored by his parents, Knight is memorialized by both a photograph and a blue star flag at the front of the Town Hall.

Blue star flags, the “War Mother’s Flags”, became an unofficial symbol of a child in the service in WWI. During WWI and WWII, many of the flags were hand made by mothers across the nation symbolizing the service of a child. The Service flag was also displayed by organizations — like our town — to honor members serving during a period of war or hostilities. Today, we recognize Donald Knight for his service in WWII as the poster child for those who have served their country…

A newspaper obituary of Donald Knight provides the following context for our Town Hall remembrance…

Donald F. Knight, “Bunker Hill” Casualty, Was Machine Shop’s Second War Fatality

Donald Francis Knight, M.M. 2/c, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Knight of Bath, was killed in action in the Pacific, when the carrier on which he was serving was bombed by the Japs on May 11, according to word received by his parents from the Navy Department. Donald was buried at sea on May 12, with full military honors.

Donald, who was a B.I.W. machinist, and the Machine Shop’s second fatal casualty, had taken part in 12 major battles before he was home on leave last January, and had been to Saipan, Link, Leyte, Negros, Wake, New Hebrides, Rabaul, Tarawa, Kavieng, Kuajalein, Guam, Peleliu, etc.

He was inducted into the U.S. Naval Reserve June 21, 1943, and after receiving boot training at Newport, R.I., he was assigned to an aircraft carrier and left for overseas on Sept. 3, 1943.

Besides his parents, he leaves a daughter, Donna Larraine, who was one year old on May 26, and who lives with her grandparents.

Knight (748x800)

Donald Knight’s parents were Lester and Marcia White Knight. Lester Knight grew up on Westport. Although Donald was born in Bath, he married Mary Jane Greenleaf of Westport. Based on the donation of the photograph, the flag and Donald’s military name and rank tags to the Town of Westport Island, it is clear that the family’s psychological home was on the Island. We are proud to call them ours.

On this Memorial Day, thank you Donald Knight and to all who have served and to those who now serve…

Westport Island’s Mother’s Day Breakfast

To be cooked up by Chef “Nita” Greenleaf with love

serving up food at a community dinnerWhether expressing love to her family, friendship to neighbors in need or just her native generosity — Juanita “Nita” Greenleaf says it with cooking. Surrounded by her daughter and friends, she’ll be putting on a Mother’s Day Breakfast spread at the Westport Island Town Hall on Sunday, May 10, beginning at 8 a.m. To recognize Nita’s place in helping Islanders celebrate: a generous Westport neighbor will pay for the first 15 moms who come to Nita’s all-you-can-eat breakfast!

Nita’s passion is cooking. According to her daughter, she likes to mingle with people and make them happy. To her, good food is a way to celebrate, make people happy — and comfort.

town hall fundraising dinnerWhen neighbors are in need, Nita cooks. In recent years, she organized a community dinner to help Jim Cromwell pay medical bills from a workplace accident that left him temporarily incapacitated with multiple fractures. When Mona Greenleaf found herself overwhelmed with funeral expenses associated with the death of her husband, Nita once again organized and cooked up a fundraiser dinner.

Nita was a shy, anxious child growing up in Georgetown. Her parents divorced when she was young. She started school late because fears of leaving home made her physically ill. Years later, she dropped out of high school and had her first child — daughter Joyce — six days after her 16th birthday.

desserts at a community dinnerNita found her “groove” while raising her two children — as well as a way to connect with others — through cooking. Her daughter Joyce said there were tough financial times growing up, but her mother could always make a dinner you’d come running for — even when the ingredients were from government surplus.

In thinking about Mother’s Day, Joyce said what she admires most about her mother is, “she always puts other people first.” Whether putting together a Valentine’s Day dinner or trying to keep the idea of an Island store, or gathering place, alive with Saturday night dinners, she will take a loss to bring people together.

third place prize winner in King Arthur pie contestIn mid-life, to complete unfinished business, Nita got her GED. From there, she got a catering license and in recent years, put her husband Buddy behind the wheel of a food truck. With her mobile food business, she has catered at the Wiscasset Speedway, the “Wings over Wiscasset” air show and the Moxie Festival in Lisbon; she caters weddings; makes wedding cakes; and cooks meals at the Wiscasset Senior Center. Nita has also won ribbons with her culinary treats: two at the Moxie Festival and two in King Arthur-sponsored baking contests.

Say Happy Mother’s Day to Nita and your favorite mothers on Mother’s Day at the Town Hall, 1217 Main Road, and enjoy a grand slam breakfast — eggs to order, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, ham, bacon, sausage, hash, muffins, toast and beverages: $10 adults; $5 for children under 8.

juanita greenleaf flanked by her daughter (l) and friend (r)

Chef Nita flanked by daughter Joyce (l) and friend Louise (r)