Happy 50th Mr. & Mrs. Bodmer

From your island home

Carole and JerryWestport Island’s Second Selectman, Jerry Bodmer and his wife Carole, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary tonight with family and friends at the Island’s historic Town Hall. They have lived 47 of their 50 years together here on Westport Island.

Carole says when she, Jerry and their first baby arrived in their new home 47 years ago, she walked over to a window and looked outside. When she saw nothing but trees, she put down her suitcase and cried. She was used to having more people and activity around; so initially, she faced life on the island with great trepidation.

Tonight, Jerry thanked his children for organizing the celebration, and he attempted to sum up 50 successful years of marriage and family. He credited Carole for her love and continual support; and he credited the Island as a contributing factor in building a good life — through both its people and environment. These many years later, Carole was quick to agree.

Happy 50th Mr. & Mrs. Bodmer, and thank you for all you have given to the Island.

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  1. Laurie jaramillo

    Jerry & Carole congrats on hitting this milestone. You both are wonderful people – as lucky to have each other as we are lucky to have you as fantastic members of this island community. Your humor, smiles and friendly demeanor always make me feel welcome and grateful to know you. I am glad Carol wasn’t intimidated by all those trees so many years ago; although I must admit I know how you felt. May you have many more happy years together!

  2. Laurie Jaramillo

    Hey this was a great post. Thanks for sharing. A friend of mine ( drew porter) picked up a stray black cat on Westport yesterday …she had no time to do anything with it as she was running late so she called me and I took it to the LCAS and thought it might be a good idea and advertisement to post on your blog if that is possible. The cat is super friendly and I am pretty sure it had not been outside for too long …it was very skinny and hungry and I had seen it wandering and sitting in the main road on the previous day looking lost so I suspect it might be an indoor cat that got out. It is black with very little white tuft in the middle of its chest, male neutered, claws in tact and very sharp. Super sweet kitty…hope its rightful owner finds him.

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