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A Westport Island Sky

How cool…

Image of Aurora Borealis from Kehail Point, Westport Island, December 8, 2013

Photograph by Michael Lewinski

On December 17, Mike Lewinski and Heather Voke came into the Westport Island Town Office to get married. They cemented their commitment to each other on our island — though regrettably for us, they will soon be moving to Milo.

We wish them well.

The Lewinskis left Islanders a gift from their time here. On December 8, when the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights, put on a show — Mike filmed it from Kehail Point.

This is his “production story:”

I was almost ready to go to bed for the night around 11pm when I saw a post on Facebook from a photographer in New Hampshire that the aurora was putting on a display. Knowing that anything visible south of us would be visible here too, I ran outside quickly! I was already making a time lapse video of the moon setting to the west, which meant my camera and lens was pre-cooled to the air temperature and ready to capture the show. I grabbed it from the deck and took it to the edge of the water, thankful for low tide because my northern view is really hindered by trees otherwise.

I grabbed another camera and started walking up East Shore Drive, still in my pajamas because I’m a little crazy that way. I was hoping to capture Comet Lovejoy rising with the aurora next to it, but was just too early for it. I came back and stayed up until 2am post-processing the photos taken by the shore.

The camera is far more sensitive than the human eye. The northern lights looked just faintly reddish to my eye, and were not nearly as spectacular as the colors my camera saw…

Thank you! This is awesome.

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