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Westport Island Town Hall Goes Ghoulish

For the Community Association’s annual Halloween bash

In what is becoming one of the Community Associations’ best attended annual events, 75 or so Islanders and friends turned out for the Halloween bash on October 26. Laurie Jaramillo photographed the event which featured DJ Larry Weddleton, a costume contest, dancing and fun. When asked to sum it all up, Laurie said simply, “It was a blast!”

There were witches, pirates, robots, superheroes and mystery guests aplenty.  Selectman Jerry Bodmer, Newt Blakesly, Brad Adler, and Dedee Greenleaf Hodgdon — along with Dedee’s good friend and guest judge, Bonnie Dore from Vermont —  devoted careful thought to judging best costumes. There were both adult and junior class winners for: scariest, funniest, most original and best overall.

Best costume winners included — in the adult class: Dick Tucker, scariest (lion); Pat Smith, funniest (clown); Jill Cooney, most original (witch); Erin and Jessica Bailey, best overall (Maine tourists); and in the junior class: Danny Hopkins, scariest (wicked jester); Vivian McKinney, best overall (Storm from X-Men); Jacob Carver, funniest (pirate); and the mystery “button boy”, most original (spider).

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photos courtesy of Laurie Jaramillo, Pat Smith and Jerry Bodmer

Put December 8 on your calendar for the final event of the season, the Island Christmas Program, at the Community Church.

Westport Island: An Inspiration In All Seasons

Dan Osterman’s Island Impressions

Painting of clouds on the horizon by Dan Osterman

Clouds on the Horizon

Though much of his artistic “ocean inspiration” has derived from Cape Cod and Monhegan Island, for six weeks in time, Dan Osterman was inspired by Westport Island. Osterman was an artist in residency at the Robert M. MacNamara Foundation on East Shore Road in the winter of 2006.

Although it was cold, Osterman drew and painted while exploring the Island. “Twilight on the Sheepscot” and the “House on the Curve” were done “plein air” along East Shore Road. “Under the Dock” began as a drawing from his East Shore rambles and became a painting later. The marsh paintings were two of several he did of the marsh behind the MacNamara barn. …And, “Maine Inlet at Low Tide”, the vertical pen and ink scene, evolved in his studio where he was primed with cranked up music and contemplating his raw sketches on a large plank of wood.

One of Osterman’s most contemplative spots was the inlet on Jerry Day Mason’s property with its rhythm of tides and winter ice lines. That spot inspired his “Inlet” painting. He believes he spoke with Jerry at the time and that she was the sweet lady he gave a small version of his “Inlet” painting to as an expression of his appreciation.

Osterman’s boldest Westport piece, the yellow painting of “Clouds on the Horizon”, represented an overall impression of his Westport experience. The painting is also representative of why he is drawn to the coast to paint: “I go to the sea where the land disappears, and the clouds stack up, and the elements fight for supremacy.”

Dan Osterman lives and works in Boston these days where he has a studio in the Fort Point Arts Community, but he has continuing ties to Maine. His wife’s parents are from Maine, and several artists who have influenced his style were regular pilgrims to Monhegan’s summer art colony. For both the artistic tradition of the area as well as its coastal horizons, he looks forward to a trip back to Westport and Wiscasset. His work, including Westport pieces, can be purchased at his shop on Etsy; and he can be contacted at

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