Westport Islanders turn out for Jimmy C.

Jimmy Cromwell showed obvious emotion when looking around at the crowd that filled the Old Town Hall on Saturday night…family, friends, and neighbors. “I didn’t know I Jimmy Cromwell talking to supportersknew this many people.” Others were as moved, “Makes you feel good to see this many people. This is a good community.” “I’ve lived here half my life. I’m embarrassed because I don’t usually show myself at these events; but Jimmy’s a good guy, and I want to support him.” Common thoughts.

Despite all the people, there was food left over to feed as many because those that couldn’t come brought food, checks, raffle items, and good wishes. The organizers “done good” — unfortunately, at least two had to work and couldn’t be there to see the fruits of their kindness and labor.

When Jimmy was laying in a heap on August 7, he was frightened by his pain and inability to move. He sustained fractures to his neck, spine, sternum, and ribs at a work site accident in which he lost his balance on a ladder, fell onto a railing, and rolled over the railing onto the floor a flight below. The first responders were all friends. It was tough on everybody at the scene; and it seemed forever before the nearest life flight arrived from New Hampshire. The good news: the breaks were clean, no surgery, and family and friends have had his back and been by his side.

No work and not much independence for awhile…just time to reflect on what matters most.

We’re giving thanks that Jimmy C. is back on his feet, and the prospects for a full recovery are good. Take heart Jimmy C. You have friends here on Westport Island and beyond…

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Donations can still be made to:

James Cromwell Benefit Fund
c/o First N.A.
Attn: Mitchell Wellman
P.O. Box 940
Damariscotta, ME 04543

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  1. Daphne Cromwell

    Thank-you for the pitcures..Now i feel like i was there..Daphne

  2. Mary (Snyder) Johnston

    What a great write up! Thank you for the pictures! Amazing! Lovin’ this show of support for Uncle Jim! What a great community we are from!

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