From the bridge

Westport Bridge with single flagWestport Island is accessed via a bridge from Wiscasset.  The header photo is taken from the bridge facing the Island.  The bridge is emblematic of the Island and is important to the Island character.  Two osprey nest each year on the Westport side of the bridge signalling the arrival of spring: when they leave, fall has arrived.

In 2007, the bridge was lined with small American flags — a tribute to honor soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by parents of a Westport Island soldier on deployment.  After the flags were torn down and vandalized six times, Maine law enforcement officers supervised their replacement as a signal to passersby of respect to the Island parents and to all soldiers.  The header photo was taken before the flags were all replaced.

The bridge not only makes life more convenient for residents than in yesteryear, it captures imagination…as in… Westport Island Maine man jumps off bridge. (For the record, this is an adventure jump; the jumper was not harmed [at least seriously, that we know of] in the making of his video.)

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  1. Dennis Cromwell

    I know a guy who fell off the bridge in the late 70’s. He was hurt pretty bad. He told me he was going to walk the under beam after he healed and said ” this time ill make it and would attempt it with no wind! ” Lol lol He never did try that again. lol lol

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