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The Great Backyard Bird Count

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood – President’s Day, February 20, and a Monday.  The sun was shining – just a tad of snow here and there.  What to do?  Watch the NHRA drag races on Speed Vision with hubby Roger or head outside to participate in the final afternoon of the Great Backyard Bird Count? Click GBBC for info.

Chloe, the trusty beagle, and I headed outside to contribute to the Westport Island body of knowledge.

Our first sighting was – a robin (?).  Wasn’t the “Robin Redbreast” supposed to be the first sign of spring? Hmmmm…

Not regulation “birders,” we need to work on the stealth approach.  All the birds at the feeder fled when Chloe took to mole, vole, and squirrel patrol.  We spooked four Canadian Geese on the descent to the property’s back cove.   While trying to be quiet, we saw two Bald Eagles circle the old chandlery and head along the Sheepscot River.

Back towards the yard, we heard loud cawing and saw three crows retreat after finishing the “bait” bread below the feeder.  Inside, peeking from a second story window, we saw the birds return to backyard feeding: finches, chickadees, mourning doves, and a lone woodpecker. 

Back to the cove, no sign of the Canadian Geese or the Bald Eagles; but gulls were scavenging the flats, and cormorants were perched on the distant rocks.  What a great place to be…

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Ode to the Road

Ode to the Road

State Route 1 – 4 – 4
No ordinary travel chore

Bump, bump, a thump

As babes cut teeth,
Cars cut squeaks

Bump, bump, a thump

Heavy duty struts
Can’t tough the Island ruts

Bump, bump, a thump

Windows shake and rattle
Atop the Main Road battle

Bump, bump, a thump

Chip your teeth?
Bump your head?
…Shed a hubcap?

We’ll post an orange sign
And mark the dratted bump

Bump, bump, a thump

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A Westport Valentine

A Westport Valentine courtesy of Ken Shepherd, master woodturner…

A Westport Valentine

Westport Valentine, a Ken Shepherd creation

To see more work from this talented craftsman, click on Ken Shepherd, Maine Woodturner.

From the bridge

Westport Bridge with single flagWestport Island is accessed via a bridge from Wiscasset.  The header photo is taken from the bridge facing the Island.  The bridge is emblematic of the Island and is important to the Island character.  Two osprey nest each year on the Westport side of the bridge signalling the arrival of spring: when they leave, fall has arrived.

In 2007, the bridge was lined with small American flags — a tribute to honor soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan by parents of a Westport Island soldier on deployment.  After the flags were torn down and vandalized six times, Maine law enforcement officers supervised their replacement as a signal to passersby of respect to the Island parents and to all soldiers.  The header photo was taken before the flags were all replaced.

The bridge not only makes life more convenient for residents than in yesteryear, it captures imagination…as in… Westport Island Maine man jumps off bridge. (For the record, this is an adventure jump; the jumper was not harmed [at least seriously, that we know of] in the making of his video.)

Westport Island, Maine

rocksWelcome to a journal of Westport Island, Maine.  To locals, Westport Island is also known as “The Rock”. At this Rock Blog, you will find tidbits of island history, photographs, and items of interest. Comments, pictures, and personal histories from those with an interest in the Island are welcome.

Westport Island was originally called Jeremisquam and was a part of Edgecomb.  It came to be known as Westport, because it was the west port of Edgecomb.